Looking to transform your Allen TX home? If you want to accentuate your floors and walls, decorative ceramic tile is one of the best options to make your ideas come alive.

For every design and theme in mind, there’s a decorative ceramic tile available in the market. You can use it for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or whichever part of the house where you want to incorporate your own style.

How to Choose the Right Decorative Ceramic Tile?

Decorative ceramic tile selections come in an extensive range of styles, color combinations, and patterns. There are literally hundreds of choices that you can explore. It’s safe to say that you can never run out of options if you’re looking for the right decorative ceramic tile.

However, out of the many choices, how will you know if it’s the right one for you?

ceramic tile patterns

Ceramic tiles come in a multitude of patterns and designs ranging from simple to intricate details.

In choosing among the different design variations, it’s important to carefully identify which ones are in line with your overall theme. This will make the decision making more systematic rather than going through everything. Here’s an important tip from us: Start with the pattern that you can associate with your house’s look. Any decorative ceramic tile’s beauty boils down to the basic pattern that makes up the whole. You can either go for simple patterns down to the most intricate types. Depending on your preference,  you can choose to go loud or minimalist. It’s advisable to consult flooring experts before choosing a pattern in order to assess if the pattern blends well with the theme.

Rules in Choosing a Tile Color

Experts say that the color of a decorative ceramic tile can make all the difference. You can find one or two color combinations while there are those that feature multiple colors. This is also important to consider in terms of your design preference. Here are the basic rules in choosing which color would suit your house perfectly:

  • The color of a decorative ceramic tile should match other shades found in your home. Take a look around and identify the dominant shades. It’s a technique to find out what types of decorative ceramic flooring would be visually pleasing when installed.
  • Choose between a bright-colored tile or a dark tile. Brighter colors tend to light up space while darker shades appeal to a certain mood that you want to imbibe.

Regardless of your choice, it all boils down to your own personal style, taste, and preference. However, it is undeniably helpful to seek professional advice from flooring experts who can present different design ideas. They can also assist you in narrowing down your decisions so that it would be easier to identify the right decorative ceramic tile for your Allen TX home.

Three Types of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring can be classified into three types. It’s also beneficial to know what the differences are. It guides you further into the kind of decorative ceramic floor tile that you would consider for a certain area of your home. Read on to find out what are these all about…

Glazed Ceramic Tiles

They are called glazed tiles because of the mineral and ceramic stain coatings present on the surface. In terms of their finish, they usually come in matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Choosing the type of finish is crucial depending on how the glazed tiles will be used. The high-gloss finish can be more prone to scratches and can be slippery as well. As for the matte finish, they offer more traction.

Overall, what’s great about this option is that it provides excellent stain and moisture resistance mainly because of the surface coating.

Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

Unglazed ceramic tiles come in a wide range of textures and treatments. They are also extremely hard and dense. They are usually installed for outdoor use like patios, gardens, terraces, etc. as they do not offer as much stain resistance as compared to glazed types of decorative floor tile.

Overall, it’s a good choice because it has good slip resistance. The traction is stronger which is ideal for high traffic areas outside the house.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is one of the strongest ceramic tile material available in the market today. They are also known to be non-porous, waterproof, scratch-proof, and weather resistant which is great for long-term use.

Ceramic Tile Layout Patterns

Tiles are installed in different ways. The layout is also extremely important because it can determine the overall look. Apart from the usual patterns that we see in Allen TX houses, there are other styles that you can follow. We’ve listed down some of the most popular ones below.

Grid (Stacked) Layout

This the most basic layout where the square-shaped tiles are set in a straight line.


You’ll know that it’s a herringbone layout if there are V-shaped tiles arranged in a 45-degree angle.


A chevron layout is similar to herringbone. However, it has shorter ends that form a 45-degree joint.

Offset/Staggered Brick

This has a common brick-like pattern ideal for timeless aesthetics.

Pinwheel or Hopscotch

The pinwheel is a popular flooring pattern that uses smaller square-shaped tiles at each corner of a larger square to form a pinwheel-like pattern. You can find this pattern mostly in bathrooms.


Close-up of neutral colored beige and turquoise abstract mosaic ceramic tiles

This is an example of a randomly patterned ceramic tile flooring that came out as a mosaic art piece.

In tile flooring, there is no exact rule. In fact, there’s what we call a random layout where shapes and sizes have no distinct pattern. Homeowners in collaboration with the installers can get creative on how it should look as a whole.


This is a more elegant layout that has puzzle-like designs but could be repetitive at the same time. Overall, the intricate pattern using square and rectangular tiles make it timeless and classic.


The diagonal or diamond pattern is a technique used to make your floors appear much wider than they really are. Its layout uses square-shaped tiles laid at 45-degree angles.

Final Thoughts

Decorative ceramic tile borders can be installed in many different ways. The patterns, finishes, as well as the colors,  can vary depending on your personal style and the look of your Allen TX home. It’s a fun experience to experiment and discover what’s suited for your property. However, since there’s a financial investment involved in tile flooring installations, you have to carefully handpick the one that will best fit specific areas of your house.

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