Allen TX homeowners are always resourceful and capable. True enough, DIY is a mantra for most homeowners, which is why most want to know how to install a house with metal roofing effectively.

Installing corrugated metal roofing and standing seam metal isn’t quite complicated as some may think. Indeed, it is time consuming and requires much equipment to carry out. However, the logic is easy to follow especially with clear-cut instructions.

In this short “metal roofing for dummies” type guide, you’ll learn how to roof a house with metal roofing, and these steps apply when installing metal roofing on a shed.

How to Install Metal Roofs

  1. Measure Your Roof
  2. Prepare the Work Area
  3. Tear Off Your Old Roof
  4. Repair Any Roof Deck Damage Present (+6 more tips)

Easy Steps on How to Roof a House With Metal Roofing

a tractor turned shed in the shape of a small barn with metal roof

You can use these instructions to build metal-roofed sheds too!

Measure Your Roof

Architects perform precision measurements and undergo several revisions before they have a final draft of any work. In the same vein, you must have an accurate picture of your roof’s dimensions. It is an essential part on how to roof a house with metal roofing.

Here are the important roof areas to measure:

  • Roof Slope: Almost all Allen TX residential properties have a high-slope roofing style. Measure it according to the height of your roof ridge over the edges or gutter area.
  • Roof Area: You can calculate this by measuring the length and width of your roof and multiplying it by the slope. The figure you get is the total square feet of materials and area you need to cover.

Prepare The Work Area

Most DIY homeowners forget to secure damage prone areas around their property, which is an essential step on how to roof a house with metal roofing.

Set tarpaulins along your front yard and your roof’s surrounding ground area. Next, position a large garbage can or dedicated tarpaulin to contain all waste materials from the roof tear off process.

Prepare a place for your tools. Additionally, wear a tool belt and make sure your scaffolding is at the same height as your roof. Have a ladder handy on the area opposite of your scaffolding.

Tear Off Your Old Roof

Before you can practice how to roof a house with metal roofing, you’ll need to remove your old one carefully. To do this, you’ll need a pry bar, hammer, and gloves.

Carefully lift your old roofing material to loosen their nails and cement. Next, use the hammer to remove the nails. Take care to put them in your dedicated nail container or tarpaulin area on the ground.

Work from the ridge of your old roof heading downwards. Carefully remove the materials to avoid any deck damage. Lastly, only do this during sunny or cloudy days without any rains or moisture.

Repair Roof Deck Damage if Any

Once you expose your roof bare of its material and underlayment, you’ll find some areas of your old roof deck plywood suffering from rot due to moisture or infestation. Just like removing your old roofing materials, remove the plywood sheathing with a pry bar and its nails with the hammer’s nail remover.

Luckily, most plywood sheathing is easy to repair because of its fixed dimensions for most homes. In addition, a square of plywood only costs about $1 with most retailers.

Once you’ve made the purchase and are ready to replace your old sheathing, clean the joist areas (and replace weakened ones too) before installing your sheathing and new underlayment across the roof.

Install Eave Flashings

Edgings or eave flashings seem unnecessary, but that wooden space between your roof edge and gutters will rot faster due to moisture without these oxidized metal strips. Before making a purchase, have the most accurate measurements of your roof’s length and width to avoid paying extra (although you must have a 10% material surplus for any errors during the process).

You can use 1/4 inch nails to secure the flashing. In addition, make sure they overlap your gutters to prevent any internal drip edge leakage.

exposed drip edge without any metal flashing

Eave flashing saves your wooden edges from moisture rot due to leaks and prolongs its lifespan and durability.

Put In Metal Panels

The heart of this process, installing your metal panels take the longest time and most effort, so make sure you’ve prepared everything. Else, you might have to start this entire process should you make an error.

Take the first corrugated metal sheet or standing seam panel and bring it up to your roof. Make sure it is perpendicular to the edge of your roof.

Next, mark the screw areas across your underlayment with chalk and align them according to your roof panel. If your panels have the same size, you can use one metal sheet to mark and drill screw holes across your roof. Make sure to give a 12-inch space between each screw as minimum.

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red coated metal roofing for a bungalow with a small vent

In addition, you can use acrylic or elastomeric coating to enhance the lifespan and durability of your metal roofing material.

Add Extra Flashings

Add metal flashings across the joints of your roof. Doing so helps prevent leakage and helps with insulation.

True enough, your roof joints will have a V-shape, and you can bend your flashing into a V to fit your roof ridges. Next, use screws instead of hammered nails to secure your extra flashing in place.

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Installing Metal on Specific Types of Roofs

How to Install Metal Roofing Over Plywood That is Old

You can proceed with all the steps except tearing off your roof deck if your roof sheath and underlayment was still intact or has minimal damage when you removed your old roof shingles. On the other hand, make sure to repair any damages and secure compromised underlayment before starting construction.

Installing a Metal Roof Over Shingles

You can save more time by installing metal roofs over your old shingle roofs. Local Allen TX building codes allow for at least two layers of roofing materials. However, you’ll be using a new truss framework to keep your corrugated or standing seam metal roofing in place — and this takes time to construct.

contractors installing corrugated metal roofing

Only trust experienced and qualified contractors to speed up and guarantee your metal roof replacement and installation.

Save Time and Hassle Installing Your New Metal Roofs

True enough, it takes time to know how to roof a house with metal roofing and eventually accomplish it. Fortunately, you won’t have to struggle making time, getting the right equipment and materials, and installing your new roofs.

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