Water Damage Restoration Garland



Have you been devastated by Water Damage in Garland Texas. StormPros is a construction company specializing in water restoration in Garland Texas. We extend our services to Texas-based residents and business owners.

If you have encounter water or mold damage in your home. Time is not on your side. The secondary destruction that will eventually take place as time passes causes considerably more damage to your home than you could ever imagine.

Cleaning up damage to your home from bad weather can be a complex task, attempting to clean up the damage yourself may only make matters worse. StormPros will assess property insulation, fiber boards, plasters, and paneling that need immediate repairs or replacement.

No matter where you are in the world, your house or building is not exempted from different forms of water damages.

The moment water invades your property, call StormPros and we will be there to help bring your home or business back to life again.

Garland Water Damage Restoration Services

When water starts to penetrate your spaces, there is no need to worry. While we acknowledge that it is a serious matter… StormPros’ also present the most extensive water restoration services in Garland TX. We aim to completely fix the problems caused by floods, hail and anything else that may arise in your home or business.

To serve clients in the best possible way, these are what we commit to deliver…


Garland TX Water Damage Services

StormPros will be first on the seen following significant damage to your home from floods, fires, water damage, sew- age backup and other major events. Our promise here at StormPros is to clean up the mess and to preserve and protect the home and its contents so that further damage will not occur.

Let StormPros handle your problematic water restoration concerns. We work with full accountability and professionalism to make the construction process convenient and hassle-free for you.


Garland Water Damage Specialists

We established an amazing team of water restoration experts equipped with intensive years of training. Our unparalleled experience is the insurance you need to bring back your property’s health and beauty.


Long-Term Solutions

Our team cares about your homes and facilities like they are our own. In fact, we do not just aim to solve existing damages, but will also recommend long-term solutions.


State-of-the-Art Tools and Equipment

We want to produce the most outstanding results, we use technologically advanced tools. Every project is a success as we combine our skilled cutting-edge equipment.


Premium Products

Our products are sourced from the best manufacturers in the market. This is to ensure that you will enjoy lasting outcomes giving value to your investments.


Friendly Customer Service

We believe that character is important when serving clients. Hence, we offer a friendly and responsive support team that you can rely on even in the most critical situations.

Types of Garland Water Damage

Not only does it have the ability to immediately cause substantial damage to your property and possessions, but the situation can get worse over time if the water damage is not properly treated.

There are varying factors that may cause water damage. Some of them may be manmade while some are aftermaths of natural calamities.



Broken Pipes


Storm or Flood Water


Sprinkler System Failures


Roof or Foundation Leaks


Clogged or Overflowing Toilet


Overflowing Sink


Leaking Faucet

Our team of water restoration experts will work with your adjuster and represents you effectively. By conducting our tests and illuminating the extent of flooding damage sustained by your property, we can help you maximize your benefits from any insurance claim. Aside from providing excellent roofing services, we aim to help you restore your home to its full capacity, durability, and lifespan after any severe flood. StormPros will have a team conduct a free inspection allowing us to pinpoint areas in need of immediate restoration in Garland Texas.

We handle water mitigation and damage restoration like no other. If you want a persistent partner that delivers total restoration and repairs, we got you covered. Speak to our water damage experts and receive a FREE estimate: