Water damage is an inevitable consequence of severe rains that cause flood and storm surges. Therefore, it will be a big help to know the water restoration process available.

Many contractors in Allen TX provide exceptional water damage repair services. In fact, majority of these contractors will provide exceptional results. However, if you want to estimate the time it will take to recover fully your property, then you need to know the complete water damage restoration steps involved in the process.

Water Restoration Process: Contact Your Trusted Restoration Contractor

Once the storm has calmed and the flood has ebbed and dried up, call your trusted restoration contractor immediately to begin the water restoration process.

When you inquire, ask about the contractor’s water damage restoration checklist. This allows you to see an overview that might be parallel to this post. In doing so, you get a complete picture of the process and get a time estimate when you’ll see results.

If you have an insurance policy, then you can minimize your water damage restoration cost. However, the insurer might restrict you to using only their preferred or accredited restoration contractors.

Thorough Investigation and Assessment

Once you’ve signed your work contract with the water restoration company, the flood restoration steps will finally begin.

Their first step is to inspect carefully the water damage to your property. Floods can submerge entire concrete foundations of properties. Therefore, investigators will head down to your basement and observe any possible flood-caused problems.

The primary objective of the water restoration process is to eliminate mold growth. This can introduce health problems in any home such as asthma, allergies, and poisoning.

Then, they will investigate how much water has pooled in your basement and other areas inside your home. In reality, the water mitigation process is what takes the most time. Therefore, with a definite picture of the situation, they can give you a rough estimate of the project deadline.

Next, the contractors will look at the electrical wiring scheme of your property and cut off the power before beginning their excursion. Lastly, they will assess the weight of the furniture inside your Allen TX property and list the equipment they’ll need to carry all of them outside to dry.

stripped electrical wiring caused by water damage

Your contractors will also investigate your electrical wiring and remedy any possible damages.

Extracting Water and Removing Items

The water restoration process contractors will bring in their equipment. You can expect to see heavy-duty pumps and vacuums if your basement has half the amount of water in a swimming pool.

As part of a contractor’s team does this, another team will bring out your appliances and furniture outdoors. In this way, the items can dry and hopefully maintain functionality. True enough, many homeowners will call third-party repair services to recover these submerged items individually.

As we mentioned earlier, the water extraction process is the most time-consuming of all procedures. It may take 2-5 days until the contractor fully removes the water from your home.

Drying and Dehumidification

Once the contractor extracts the majority or all of the water in the property, the next step in the water restoration process begins. Drying does not only involve using normal electric fans to dry out rooms.

Your specialists will have big, heated fans to dry up rooms, items, and furniture as fast as possible. In fact, the heated fans will make sure there is no drop of contaminated water left inside your home.

This water restoration process is simple. First, your contractor will close all windows and maintain two openings for hot air entrance and exit. Then, they will circulate heated air all around the property to dry it.


a completely dried property after water extraction

Once rooms in your property dry up, the contractors will begin disinfecting and reconstructing the rooms.

Sanitation, De-Germination and General Cleaning

As soon as the entire Allen TX property dries up, contractors will scrub entire rooms and disinfect the entire house in the next few days. As we said earlier, mold is a disease carrier. In addition, contaminated water will bring germs and viruses indoors.

Sanitation water restoration process involves using aerosol disinfectants, special cleaning solutions for scrubbing, mold removal solutions and equipment, and more.

To prevent mosquitoes and other contaminated-water borne insects from infesting your home, contractors will use fogging equipment and clean right after the procedure.

Restoration Procedures

The last step of the water restoration process involves the repair and replacement of the submerged and water-damaged portions of your property.

Most contractors will investigate and replace drywalls where needed. In fact, part of the contractor’s tasks is to remove the mold and mildew trapped between floor tiles inside your home. Major operations involve rebuilding immensely-damaged rooms and reinforcing water-damaged property foundations.

Should I Contact Roofing Specialists for Water Damage?

It is possible that floodwater can submerge entire properties up to their roofs. Alternatively, weakened internal walls can collapse roofs. Your water damage restoration contractor might limit their work to repairing walls alone.

Therefore, you will need to contact roofing specialists to provide a proper roof repair or replacement. Most restoration contractors have limited knowledge on roofs making roofing contractors a must in these situations.

a property submerged to the roof

In some cases, floods can reach roofs and cause grave damages that require the help of specialists.

Can I Make an Insurance Claim on Water Damage?

We mentioned earlier that insurance could reduce water damage restoration costs. However, you can only make an insurance claim on water damage if your policy covers water damages. To know if you have this benefit, review your policy terms and conditions first before attempting any claims.

In fact, you can know if your insurance covers other damages such as roof leaks or electrical damage by following this process.

In addition, you can use water damage contractors to maximize your insurance policy. Use their investigation results to give your insurance adjuster a clear picture of the situation of your property. In fact, it prevents the insurance adjuster’s appointed contractor from possibly omitting certain water damage areas.

Wrapping Up

Water damage restoration is necessary for any property that has suffered immense flood damages. True enough, submerged parts and walls of properties will weaken with consistent moisture.

Homeowners can DIY their water damage restoration process. However, the more time they consume repairing their properties, the damages become severe proportionally as well. Therefore, contacting a water damage restorer is the best decision.

If your property was submerged completely to the roof during a storm, you can depend on Storm Pros to help you with both water damage restoration and complete roof repair and replacement. With decades of experience, we are confident in providing this service package with only the most positive results!