Roofing insulation — when you hear it, what comes to your mind? If you know what it is, you would think of the words energy-efficiency, protection, and comfort.

When it’s time to do some roofing work in Allen TX, consider including a roofing insulation installation. Although you’ll have to spend a bit more for this addition, roof insulation offers many advantages.

In this blog post, StormPros be discussing the following points:

  • The top benefits of roof ceiling insulation
  • What roof insulation to use (five common types)
  • Things to know before installing roofing insulation

Is Roofing Insulation Worth the Cost? Learn How It Benefits Your Home

Most homeowners without roof insulation often complain of unstable temperatures during winter and summer months, as well as increasing energy costs. If you decide to pursue a roofing insulation installation project, how exactly will you gain from it?

1. Keep your indoor environment comfortable

Insulation prevents excessive heat loss or heat gain by acting as a barrier. Without this barrier, just imagine the heat and cold escaping through the roof. Not only will you stay comfortable regardless of the time of the year, but you also scale back your HVAC usage.

2. Help save the environment

picture of a green planet

Roof insulation lowers down your energy usage. This is one way to help the environment.

Yes, roofing insulation does help the planet. Since energy consumption affects the environment, minimizing usage means a reduction in greenhouse gases and pollution. Adding roof insulation is a simple way to make our world a better place.

3. Limit the entry of noise into your home

Do you know that you can reduce the transmission of noise from the outside into your home through roofing insulation installation? This includes noise from traffic or any airborne noise.

5 Types of Roofing Insulation to Choose From

We already mentioned how roofing insulation installation benefits your home and the environment. Previously, we wrote a guide about the best roof insulation types. Let’s explore some of them and more:

1. Wood fiber

Wood fiber is an excellent insulating material and is an environmentally-friendly choice. As one may guess, yes, wood fiber comes from wood (wood remnants and chips). The manufacturing process of wood fiber roof insulation is also known to be eco-friendly.

So, why is it a good material for your roof? The answer is that it regulates moisture. It absorbs water vapor and releases it into the environment. Mold issues are prevented, and your indoor air improves.

2. Fiberglass

In buildings, fiberglass is a common material installed in wall cavities. For your roof, fiberglass insulation prevents 80% of the heat of the sun from entering your attic. It’s essential that roofing contractors install fiberglass correctly. Proper roofing insulation installation ensures that fiberglass retains its R-value longer.

One aspect you’ll love about fiberglass is that it has a lower roof insulation installation cost than most insulation materials. So if you need a cost-effective choice, go for fiberglass.

3. Foil insulation

Reflective foil insulation acts as a barrier that reflects radiant heat. One or both sides of this material are reflective. Homeowners living in hot areas would greatly benefit from foil insulation in a way that their air conditioners won’t double their workload.

When it comes to thermal radiation problems, foil insulation is the best option. Some homeowners plan a DIY roof insulation project, thinking that they can install roof foil insulation with ease. Anyone has to be extremely careful because it conducts electricity. Make sure that the material doesn’t come in contact with wiring.

4. Spray foam

contractor spraying foam insulation to surface

Spray foam insulation guarantees long-term energy savings. It creates an airtight seal to prevent leaks and moisture.

What about spray foam roofing insulation? If you live in a harsh climate and experience hot summers and freezing winters, you’d choose spray foam. Spray foam insulation offers many advantages. One of these is that it creates an airtight seal in your roof. It prevents air leakage to maintain temperatures at comfortable levels. It also acts as an effective roof reinforcement.

Flood-prone areas like Allen TX will benefit from spray foam since it’s waterproof. Spray foam comes in two types. These are closed-cell spray foam and open-cell spray foam. Between the two, closed-cell is the denser material.

5. Cotton insulation batts

Here’s an alternative to fiberglass insulation — cotton insulation. The reason why we consider it an alternative is that fiberglass tends to irritate the skin during the installation process.

Aside from the fact that installers can handle cotton insulation safely, cotton roofing insulation has a low environmental impact. Anyone who wants to build a home that supports the planet will want cotton insulation.

3 Things to Know Before a Roofing Insulation Installation

You’re closer to deciding whether or not to insulate your roof. If you believe that you need roofing insulation, here are three more things to know.

1. Get a roof replacement during the fall season.

Fall makes a perfect time to replace your old roof. Your roofing contractor can do a roof insulation foam installation at the same time. This prepares your roof for the winter. With new roofing insulation, you save on winter heating.

2. Beware of fire hazards.

Find a qualified and legit roofing contractor that knows how to install roof insulation foil or your preferred material. Incorrect installation can create fire hazards. Downlights produce heat which causes the insulation to ignite. A good roofing contractor will be able to identify and avoid potential dangers.

3. Decide whether to insulate your attic floor or roof.

roofing insulation installation to attic floor

Insulating your attic floor is practical if you don’t intend to use this space.

Should you install insulation to the attic floor or your sloped roof? Here’s how to decide: If you plan to utilize your attic space as a bedroom, you need to keep it warm as the rest of the house. In that case, insulate the roof.

But if you don’t use your attic, you can insulate the floor. This option is easier and more affordable. Insulating both the attic floor and the roof is possible. Just keep in mind that this process is difficult and expensive.

Planning a Roofing Project? Consider Adding Roofing Insulation

Now that you understand the benefits of roofing insulation installation, you might proceed with it when it’s time to replace, repair, or put on a new roof. Indeed, insulation is an essential component of your roof. Without it, your home in Allen TX won’t be as energy-efficient and protected from the weather.

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