Do you want to know how to install shingles on a hip roof?

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In today’s blog, we’ll zoom in on roofing needs and talk about hip roofs along with everything you need to know about them.

Hip roofs are common among Allen TX homes because of their simple and straightforward design. Let’s find out together why this is one of the top-of-mind choices in the US residential roofing industry.

What is a Hip Roof?

A hip roof is composed of four planes that come in equal parts. These sides meet at the corners to form a ridge. The design appears to be a typical triangular-shaped roof, hence, it is sometimes called a pyramid or pavilion roof. This is usually matched with a house that has a square or rectangular foundation.

Hip Roof Advantages

Let’s look into the strengths of this specific type of roof. This guide will help you get to know hip roof further and see if this is suitable for your needs.

Enhances the Curb Appeal

This comes first as we all want to make sure that the roof looks good from the outside. Hip roofs add a distinct curb appeal, thus, they have been used in churches and mansions for many years now starting from the early colonial period.

Sturdy Shape

Wide garage door of residential house

A hip roof can also be used for a garage (as shown in the photo).

It’s not only visually appealing but a hip roof is also stable and sturdy. The stability is attributed to the four-way slope that can resist strong winds effectively. It also requires less wind bracing because of its natural shape which makes it more economical.

Excellent Drainage Capabilities

Since all four sides of a hip roof are angled, water can easily find its way to the gutter system. This gives the hip roof an advantage as Allen TX homeowners don’t need to worry about the possible pooling of water.

It’s also advantageous for people living in areas prone to snowstorms. With its design, the snow would also be able to slide off the surface immediately. In some extreme cases, the extra weight added by the snow could prompt the roof to collapse.

Extra Attic Space

Hip roofs allow homeowners to get creative with the attic space that it provides. Since there’s a provision for an attic area, you’re free to decide whether to keep it as a storage room or convert it to something else (library, playroom, guest room, etc.). For most homeowners, this is an added benefit that they want to take advantage of making hip roofs a frontrunner when it comes to functionality.

How to Install Shingles on a Hip Roof

You’ve read about some of the most amazing qualities of a hip roof. Let’s move on by learning how to install shingles on a hip roof.

We’re sharing this step-by-step guide on how to install shingles on a hip roof to give Allen TX homeowners an idea of what happens in the roof installation process. However, we do not recommend unlicensed individuals to perform this procedure without the supervision of professional roofers. There are health risks and dangers involved, thus, people are advised to stay away from the roof as much as possible.

If you are in dire need of roof installation assistance as well as repairs, replacements, or warranties, get in touch with a licensed professional roofing company.

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Step #1 – Clear the Area

Using a roofing shovel, pull off old and broken shingles in preparation for the shingle installation. Don’t forget to remove the flashings as well.

removal of old roofing shingles

As part of the re-roofing process, a professional worker should remove all debris including old and damaged shingles.

Throw wastes, debris, as well as the old shingles properly to avoid accidents.

Step #2 – Add Water Protection

To make sure that the surface is waterproof, you need to add flashings to the ridges as well as other areas such as vents, valleys, and chimney area. Attach the flashings in place by hammering roofing nails.

Step #3 – Install the Shingles

Prepare the shingles on the surface of the roof. You can position them starting at the bottom or at the edges. Then, trim the sides using a utility knife to match the angles. Start nailing the shingles on the topmost corners. When handling shingles, make sure to wear proper gears for safety purposes. (These include gloves, helmet, etc.)

Align the succeeding shingles accordingly. Tightly secure them by nailing it again in the middle part. Continue the same process until you complete the bottom row. Work your way up to cover the whole surface.

Important safety reminders: Although they may seem simple at first glance, these techniques require expertise in order to produce quality output. Improper handling of tools may also cause unwanted accidents. Lack of training could lead to other negative outcomes like more damage to property. Hence, always prioritize your own safety and work with the experts instead.

Step #4 – Final Touches

When you’re down to the final shingle, make sure to attach it with an asphalt roofing cement. Then, nail it as well.

To complete the installation process, there’s a need to install ridge caps. Place these at the bottom edge of the ridge and secure with nails. Carefully overall the ridge caps until you reach the top. Trim the last piece as needed according to the angle.


Hip roofs are ideal for residential homes because of their unique properties. They immediately exude the elegance that you want to achieve for your house. Moreover, they are functional as well. With its natural design, you’re assured that water will not pond in unwanted areas as it can immediately run off the edges, straight to the gutters. Hip roofs are wind-resistant making it great for areas prone to high winds.

We were also able to take you through the step-by-step process on how to install shingles on a hip roof. Let us just remind you once again that our main purpose is to educate homeowners on what happens in the process. We do not encourage people to try this on their own to avoid accidents and low-quality results.

To build a sturdy and visually appealing hip roof, work with a trusted roofing company.

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