Various areas in Texas receive hail each year, and Allen is no exception. This is why if you live in this city, you need to obtain knowledge about dealing with hailstorms. Your roof is one important structure of your home which you should inspect after a storm has passed. The roof is susceptible to damage regardless of the material.

You’d probably ask, “What does hail damage do to a roof?” Being able to identify the signs of hail damage with the help of a hail inspection checklist allows you to call a roofing contractor right away. You also get to file a storm damage insurance claim on time. Remember that insurance companies sometimes take advantage of the fact that you have no evidence of hail damage.

What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof (The Signs and Consequences of Hailstorms)

Let’s start by understanding the fact that hail, specifically larger stones, damage anything in their path. But hail damage is not always obvious, especially to the untrained eye. Note these visible indicators of roof damage caused by hail:

1. Dents and cracks on the gutters, downspouts, siding, and other items

Start looking for damage on the items outside of your house. If you find crack and dents which were not there before, you have a good reason to suspect roofing damage.

Check structures of your home such as the gutters. It’s easy to spot hail damage to aluminum gutters than copper gutters since aluminum is a softer material. Look at the downspouts and siding material. Inspect your car as well if it was parked outside during a storm. Dents in the hood and a broken windshield are typical signs.

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2. Bruising on the surface of a roof shingle

close up of seemingly damage free shingles

Bruising is characterized by dents in a shingle roof.

What does hail damage look like on shingles? If you touched a bruise on an apple, you’ll notice that the bruise feels soft and spongy. The same thing happens when a hailstone hits your shingle material. The shingle bruises as the granules are flexed and displaced.

A roofing contractor identifies bruising after noting dark circles on the shingle. These dark circles signify a significant loss of granules on these specific areas. The contractor confirms this by running their fingers over those spots and feeling them.

3. Missing roof shingles

If roof shingles don’t crack, they may go missing. Hail and straight-line winds displace roofing material. Older roof shingles are more likely to get blown off.

You can tell that asphalt shingles have gone missing because the spot where they used to be located looks darker. You can easily compare it with its surrounding area. Never ignore the fact that you have missing shingles. Missing shingles are more than an aesthetic problem. They make the roof more fragile.

When finding the answer to “What does hail damage do to a roof?” you need to think about the short-term and long-term effects of hail. Here are five consequences:

1. Water damage

woman calling someone while facing roof leak

Missing granules or shingles as a result of hail cause roof leaks.

Storms cause water damage because water enters cracks in the foundation. Water also enters weak spots on your roof that got hit by hail. Water damage is a serious matter and should be dealt with accordingly. Don’t wait until water soaks other items in your house. Previously, we wrote a guide that tells you what to do when facing water damage.

2. Excessive energy bills

If you didn’t get a roofing inspection following a storm and you note increasing energy bills, you have a good reason to suspect hail damage. What does hail damage do to a roof? It reduces energy-efficiency. Missing shingles allow air to escape from and enter your house. This makes it hard for your home to maintain the right temperature despite your use of HVAC.

3. Decreases property value

The condition of your roof affects your property’s resale value. Homes with damaged roofs are less salable. Not all home buyers would be willing to tackle a major roof replacement and spend a huge amount of money. Do you plan to sell your property in the future? Be vigilant about the signs of hail damage to the roof.

4. Roof failure

what does hail damage do to a roof

Roofing inspections are necessary to identify “hidden” hail damage.

As we mentioned earlier, older roofs are more likely to fail in the event of a severe storm. If you got a roof that’s beyond 20 years old and you never maintained it, that roof is due for a replacement. Hire a professional roofing contractor to assess and confirm roof failure.

5. Decreased gutter performance

Large hailstones create holes in the gutters as they strike them. If you happen to be the “unfortunate” homeowner, have your gutters fixed right away. Holes in the gutters impact their performance. Meaning, they won’t be able to lead water from your home effectively.

What to Do After a Hailstorm

We’ve already told you the answer to “What does hail damage do to a roof?” The most valuable part of this post is knowing the next steps you should take. Arrive at the best roofing solution using the following tips:

  • Don’t assume that your roof was unscathed just because you saw no signs of hail damage. Call a professional roofer to inspect your roof right away for confirmation. The fact that a storm happened in your place should alert you of possible roof damage.
  • File a hail damage roof insurance claim. Ask the advice of a roofing contractor in Allen TX regarding the claims process. Here at StormPros, we assist you in filing roofing insurance claims.
  • Hire the right roofing contractor. Have the goal of restoring your roof to its original state. A qualified roofer like StormPros will make the best plan of action for you. Most importantly, we’ll solve all hail damage issues in no time.

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