When you look at your gutter system, it seems like a small, inconsequential part of your property. In fact, most homeowners won’t think twice about delaying much-needed gutter repair. However, gutters have an extremely valuable task:  to make sure water doesn’t hit the ground too hard.

You may think letting water from your roof to the ground is no problem at all. However, the torrential force will dislodge the soil from your yard. In fact, it will raise soil moisture levels to a point it will erode and weaken the overall foundation of the property.

However, when is the right time to have gutter repair? Read on to know more!

The Primary Purpose of Gutters

Protect Property Foundations

Cement, limestone, mixed strong sediments, and other materials make up concrete. Once the material dries, it turns into a hard and virtually impregnable material. For this capability, most developers use it to construct modern infrastructure including residential properties.

However, once moisture seeps into the material, it will start to weaken. Flooding is the number-one reason for weakened foundations. The hard concrete starts to erode and crumble due to the presence of water.

Without gutters, water from your roof spills to the soil directly. The higher soil moisture levels introduces to the foundations of your home the consistent presence of water. In consequence, it will begin to erode and weaken in the process.

Improve Curb Appeal

Gutters prevent water from flowing strongly to the soil and avoid flooding your yard. In addition, it prevents water from sloshing against the siding of your property.

Your roof has materials that naturally erode over time such as asphalt shingles, tar and gravel, and others. Additionally, bird waste, tree debris, and foreign materials find their way on top of your roof. All these materials land into your gutters during rainfall.

Aside from contributing to clogging, the materials make gutter water dirty. If water flowed from the roof to the ground, it will slosh the sidings of your property. This will make it look dirty and untended degrading its curb appeal.

unique trumpet-style commercial property gutter system

Even commercial properties need an effective gutter system.

Efficient Rainwater Management

Rainwater is the natural contributor to floods. Its proper management is the solution to prevent flooding from happening. If you do not provide crucial gutter repair, you will contribute to local community flooding.

All rainwater management systems use gutters and downspouts. These are the “capture” points of the system. Gutters catch water then send it to the downspouts.

Homeowners have a choice whether to lead the downspout to a private drainage leading to city sewer systems or to storage drums for future use such as gardening.

Gutter Repair: Common Causes of Damage

Improper Installation and Pitching

It might look good on the outside, but it doesn’t mean it functions as it should. Sometimes, home developers fail in gutter installation. Upon closer inspection, you will find some gutters sealed incompletely. In fact, you will sometimes see spaces between the gutter and fascia (where gutter fasteners attach) leading to leaks and problems.

Leaky gutters might be a result of poor gutter pitching. Gutters have a low slope to direct rainwater towards downspouts. If this slope is not present, then you’ll have overflowing, sagging gutters.

As a result, the gutter malfunction will lead to poor rainwater management and gutter system damage. If your gutters are malfunctioning, you’ll need to provide effective gutter repair. The next strong rainstorm may just deal optimum damage against the entire system.

a couple clears out gutter clogs on top of their roof

Always make it a point to regularly inspect and clear your roof from clogs

Leaf and Debris Clogging

Clogging is common for most gutter systems. Most homeowners will inspect their gutters and perform simple clearing to remove clogs. It’s a dirty job but a necessary one. If you don’t have time to clean, then consider getting a gutter guard.

If you have left your gutters unchecked after two or more rainstorms, you might have clogged gutters. Leaves, debris, animal droppings, and other materials trapped along the downspout cause this.

However, without gutter cleaning for weeks or months, your gutters might have started sagging and require immediate gutter repair.

Gutter Leaks and Holes

If you live near pine trees, your gutters may experience gutter leaks. In fact, gutter holes are common if small animals live in the local trees and land on your roofs occasionally.

Pine needles will scratch against the material of your gutters. In addition, small animals will scurry along and scratch your gutter material. In the long run, the debris and animal activities will cause holes to appear and lead to leaks. This is a sure sign you need immediate gutter repair.

Signs You Need Gutter Repairs

It’s not often you’ll see pine needles, small animals, and improper gutter installation ruin your roof. However, some small signs may indicate the gutters are facing a slowly overwhelming problem. Pay attention to these signs to provide immediate gutter repair when needed.

a gold-chromed downspout shining under the sun

Misaligned downspouts are a huge problem for many homes because it will cause progressive gutter system damage.

Dirty Sidings

You’ve just cleaned your sidings last week. After a short rainstorm, it has a streak of brownish rustic color across different areas.

This is a sure sign of a malfunctioning gutter system. The causes can be leaks and holes, poor gutter alignment, or overflowed gutters.

Gutter Water Overflow

If dirty water is flowing on some of your windows, then you have gutter water overflow. Severe debris clogging is the primary cause of clogging. However, if the problem persists after you perform extensive cleaning, you may have misaligned or poorly-installed gutters.

Make sure to have a professional look and provide the proper solution.

Pulled Away or Sagging Gutters

Gutters will look normal if you look at it from the curb or any part of your garden. Things change once you take a closer look.

During a day with clear skies, take a ladder with you and a straight edge. Align the straight edge against your gutters. If you find a small curve, it is a sign your gutters are sagging. You can use the straight edge to check whether your downspouts are starting to pull away.

If one or both signs are present, then you are in immediate need of a gutter repair.

gutter repair

Conducting gutter repairs now prevents massive residential property problems in the future.


Gutters play an immense role for any property. Without them, soil will lead to home foundation erosion and degradation. You’ll also have a poor-looking lawn and a dirty, unappealing siding.

However, never attempt to do gutter repairs on your own. Make sure to have a professional gutter repair team take a look at the problem for long-term, effective results.