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Flooring Allen TX

Allen is a city in Texas that has a total area of 27.1 square miles (land). If there is one thing that people mention when they hear the words Allen TX, that is “growth”. The median household income is $104,524. The city of Allen tends to be hot in the summer and rainy in winter.

Planning an Allen Flooring Project?

A new flooring is a big investment. Whether it’s for your home or commercial building, it has many advantages:

  • Restores the beauty your property especially after a storm.

  • If you want a low-maintenance flooring, replacing your current one helps you save time.

  • Add value to your property if you want to sell it.

StormPros is a flooring Allen TX specialists. Our vast experience with storm damage let us develop the skill in floor replacement in Allen.

We Install Various Types of Flooring in Allen TX

At StormPros, we want you to have the kind of flooring you visualize. Find the type of flooring that suits your needs:

Hardwood Flooring Allen

Hardwood Flooring

To maintain a good indoor quality, choose this flooring. It also looks elegant and is extremely easy to clean. Wood species include Cherry, Walnut, Maple, and Ash.

Allen Ceramic Tile flooring

Ceramic Tiles

Looking for tiles that look like real wood? We’ll show you great options. Install wood-looking ceramic tiles in your bathroom or dining area and give it a classic look.

Laminate Flooring Allen

Laminate Flooring

Compatible with most sub floors, laminate flooring helps you save on installation time. Laminate is tough which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas like offices and homes with many family members.

Why Choose StormPros for your Allen TX Flooring?

We’ve established a good reputation among Allen TX residents. Not sure what makes us the best choice for your flooring project?

  • Clean and damage-free work area

    Our team cares for your property overall. We take utmost care while working on your flooring project by preserving the surrounding area.

  • Local and accessible

    Because we’re a local company, we are able to respond to emergency situations. Has your flooring been damaged by flood? We’ll be there when you call us.

  • Best manufacturers

    We want you to get the best products ever. StormPros uses brand names that ensure your new flooring has a lasting beauty.

StormPros would love to hear more about your flooring project plan. Let’s discuss your flooring ideas. Call us today at 214-227-2763 

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