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Allen Window Screen Replacement

The idea of a window is to let the air inside a home especially during peaceful weather conditions. However, window air contains outside debris. In fact, it imperils your home with the entry of dangerous disease-carrying insects. Window screens prevent these from entering your home when you open your windows for fresh outside air.

Unfortunately, window screens are worn out by long-term use. StormPros has a window repair Allen TX team trained to fully replace and install a new screen for your windows. Consult with us today FREE of charge!

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At StormPros, we satisfy your need for a durable and leak-free roof all year round. With that, our services include the following:

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Dented or Dislodged Areas

Window screens take as much beating as the exterior structures protecting your home. Here are simple signs indicating you need a window screen replacement as soon as possible.

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Dust Cakes All Over The Screen

Window screens prevent debris, dust, and other outside sediments from entering your home. Unfortunately, dust caking happens. Homeowners can clean them regularly, but over time, some of the dust will be difficult to remove even with thorough cleaning capacities. Allow our teams to remove them for you or replace your window screens with new, better-performing ones.

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In case you’re using steel or aluminum meshes, regularly washing your window screens will rust the metal meshes over time. These will become brittle and weaken shortly thereafter.

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Beyond Its Lifespan

Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, and other window screen types have an average of 10-15 years. If your window screens have lived beyond their lifetime, it is time to replace them immediately.

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With years of experience servicing Frisco, McKinney, Dallas, and other properties in surrounding areas, we are confident in providing excellent window screen replacement services in addition to our roofing services.

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